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Top Celebrities Who Use Coconut Oil and Can’t Get Enough of It

Coconut oil is making a huge wave in Hollywood. Überfamous celebrities are going nuts over coconut oil. This natural oil is popular on its own, but with celebrities using and touting its benefits, it just got even more popular.

Here are the top 3 celebrities who cannot get enough of using coconut oil.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston uses coconut oil for boosting metabolism and losing weight. As it turns out, she has been a on a coconut diet for a time now. A coconut diet basically is a low-carb eating plan that includes a lot of coconut oil to help speed up metabolism and curb out appetite in order to maintain a healthy weight. And mind you, she has been spotted multiple times sporting a shopping cart full of coconut oil.

If you look at Jen’s figure, I think its proof enough. But if you have second thoughts about it, there are studies to back up the benefits of coconut oil for weight management.

Coconut oil is composed of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are uniquely metabolized and absorbed by the body. Unlike other fatty acids, MCFAs are directly broken down and turned into fuel for energy instead of being stored as fat. Consuming coconut oil tends to increase fat burning. Moreover, MCFAs increase the feeling of fullness thereby leading to reduction of food intake or curb of appetite.

Suki Waterhouse  

Model Suki Waterhouse uses coconut oil for moisturizing skin. When her skin turns dry, which apparently she defines as an “emergency situation,” she applies coconut oil on her skin.

This is not surprising since coconut oil is popular for its moisturizing properties. Coconut oil has an ultralight molecular structure that allows it to penetrate the deepest part of the pores. In effect, it is able to provide deep moisturizing effects. Applying coconut oil on skin will thereby help keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

Whereas many moisturizers based on water provide temporary hydration, coconut oil provides a more lasting moisturization without feeling greasy.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is apparently allergy prone. Like any other person who has sensitive skin, she needs to be careful with what cosmetic products she applies on her skin. With a line of work that requires the use of makeup daily, she uses coconut oil as a natural makeup remover.

Cosmetic products are without a doubt laden with tons of chemicals, which can damage the skin when used on a prolonged and regular basis. Using coconut oil, according to Emma, gives her skin a chance to breathe from all the chemical exposure.

Coconut oil is extremely gentle, which is important for people with sensitive skin. However, its gentleness on the skin is counterbalanced with its roughness to bacteria. Coconut oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties which can help eliminate bacteria that can cause acne and other skin infections.

Short Reminder

Of course, different people have unique reactions to coconut oil. When you decide to try out coconut oil, it is best to start using it in small amounts to allow your body to adjust to it. This is especially vital if you wish to add coconut oil in your diet, like Jennifer Aniston.

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