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Is Organic Coconut Nectar a Healthier Sweetener?

With the buzz organic coconut nectar is making, one cannot help but be curious about what is behind it. If you google “coconut nectar,” you’ll find thousands of blogs and posts claiming incredible benefits of using it. The question, however, is organic coconut nectar really a healthier sweetener?

If you are asking the same question as us, then give yourself a pat on the shoulder. It is extremely important for consumers to evaluate claims, especially ones circulating on the Internet. Jumping on the bandwagon is never a wise choice, especially when without doing any research.

So if you are about to buy the best coconut syrup without any substantial information on why you should or should not, then we suggest you stop. Take time to read the following information and decide for yourself whether buying one is worth your money.

What Makes Organic Coconut Nectar Different?

Is organic coconut nectar different from any coconut syrup? Without a doubt, it is. When we talk about organic coconut syrup, we are referring to a sweetener coming from a source that is free of synthetic additives and genetic engineering. This means that the coconut trees are sown, grown, and reaped naturally or according to the standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in order to be acknowledged as certified organic.

But be careful, not all products that have the word organic on their labels are organic. You will find products labeled with “100% organic” and “made with organic.” In order to buy a product which is genuinely organic, you need to look for the official USDA organic label sticker.

What are the Health Benefits?

Because organic coconut syrup is unrefined, it is able to retain a low glycemic index, preserve its nutrients and minerals, keep minimal fructose, and sustain its unique composition.

Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a value system for identifying how fast or slow a food affects the increase of glucose levels in the bloodstream. Coconut syrup, with a glycemic index of 35, has one of the lowest GI among sweeteners. The body slowly digest it. In effect, there is gradual glucose distribution in the blood, which helps keep glucose level within a safe range.

Better Nutritional Value

With coconut syrup, you do not just get empty calories like with refined sugar. Because its production goes through very minimal processing, it is able to preserve a bounteous amount of nutrients. It contains traces of vitamin C and the broad spectrum of vitamin B, as well as iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, nitrogen, and zinc, along with amino acids, antioxidants, and natural enzymes.

Less Fructose

Moreover, it contains minimal fructose. Unlike refined sugar which contains 50 percent fructose, coconut syrup only constitutes up to 10 percent.

Faster Metabolization

Unlike other sweeteners, coconut syrup is easier to metabolize and transform into energy. It is directly converted into fuel and is less likely turned into fat.

What do you think of organic coconut syrup now? If you are convinced by its health benefits, then it is time you switch to the healthier alternative.

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