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Coconut Sugar: 4 Reasons Why It’s a Healthier Alternative

There are plenty of reasons why the coconut should be our favorite thing in the world right now. Apart from producing coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water, and so much more, it also gives us a natural sweetener that is miles better for our health.

Coconut sugar comes from the sap of the flower buds of the coconut tree. It takes the form of a syrup that is then dried and turned into coconut sugar, also known as the coconut palm sugar, that many health experts tell us to include in our diet.

Why is organic coconut sugar more beneficial to our health? Below are four important reasons:

Reason #1: It contains more vitamins and minerals than normal sugar.

That’s right. Coconut sugar offers you iron, zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, and also vitamin C. But this does not mean that consuming significant amounts of it is  the right thing to do. Sugar is still sugar. The great benefit of sugar from the coconut is that it’s a healthier option for people looking to improve their diet or tone down their sugar intake.

Reason #2: It contains less fructose.

In fact, you will find very little fructose in coconut sugar. This is why it’s the more advantageous sweetener. Once the fructose is broken down by the liver, it gets converted into fat, and this happens pretty fast in your body. So if fructose is a large part of your diet, it can result in a lot of weight gain. Taking less of it is more preferable indeed.

Reason #3: It contains inulin.

Inulin is a fiber that is commonly found in onions, asparagus, garlic, bananas, and many other foods. It helps restore the good bacteria in your gut and it can slow down the absorption of glucose, which makes it good for people with diabetes, digestive issues, and weight loss problems.

Reason #4: It is not processed with bone char.

Did you know that some sugars are processed with bone char from animals? Yes. Among other things, it is used to make the sugar white. Not a very good thing to hear if you are vegan. Fortunately, coconut sugar is all natural because it comes from the coconut tree. You can be 100% certain that you are not taking anything from animals.

Coconut sugar can be your alternative to regular granulated sugar because it’s a more organic sweetener. It gives you more than white table sugar does, and we can’t ignore the fact that it offers vitamins and minerals that can help boost your immune system.

So, if you happen to be very health conscious or are simply looking for ways to make better health decisions, try coconut sugar and other coconut products. If you want to know more about it and tons of other nutritious options, talk to us at Gr8 Nutrition Info today!

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