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Green Product Shopping: How Do You Spot the Best Coconut Syrup?

When you shop for groceries, how do you pick your products? I hope you do not just grab anything on the shelf and put it in your basket. When it comes to purchasing products you put inside your body, you have to be meticulous about its ingredients and production. Not all products are the same. Just like how not all coconut syrups are created equal. So, how do you find the best coconut syrup in the market?

Finding the best coconut syrup

Every product has its own rivalry. A competition is good not only because it provide consumers a choice, but also because it encourages manufacturers and sellers to make their products better. That’s why you should keep an eye on what’s the best in the market.

Because the demand for coconut products is rapidly growing, more and more brands are now popping out of thin air. All of which are raving and promising incredible qualities and benefits. While having more options is great, it is important to understand that not all of these claims are authentic.

I have rounded up some simple yet effective tips and a list to help you find the best coconut syrup for you and your family.

Natural and Organic

As much as possible, you want your food to be as natural as it can be. Highly processed foods are not good for the body. Prolonged and excessive consumption thereof can lead to serious health consequences, such as the development of chronic diseases. When you are given a natural alternative, grab the opportunity to use the healthier substitute.

You want your coconut syrup to be sourced from foods grown in soil that is free from chemical substances. You also want them to go through a process free from any chemical treatment. An excellent way to identify which products are natural and organic is to inspect the label and look for the USDA Organic logo. That is one way to tell that the product contains 95 percent organic ingredients.


What is GMO? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs are organisms whose genetic composition have been modified using gene modification, recombinant DNA methods, or transgenic technology. Trust me, you want your coconut syrup to be GMO-free. Like I said, you want your food to be as natural as possible. Look for the seal that says NON-GMO Project Verified to be sure.

Bottled in a Jar

Finding the best coconut syrup does not only start with the ingredient and end with how it is made. Another vital factor to consider is how it is stored. Health professionals recommend purchasing products bottled in a jar over plastic. Plastics are not safe. Issues related to toxicity of the material have been circulating in the health community. Household products, especially food containers, can affect safety. So I suggest you steer clear from plastic containers and stick with jars.

Your health should be your topmost priority. Make sure that you take heed of these guidelines to get the most benefits from the best coconut syrup. Make sure to keep these factors in mind to find the healthiest option available the next time you go shop for groceries or buy online.

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