About Us


Welcome to Gr8 Nutrition Info. We are your best source of updates, news and everything about nutrition and health.


We are lovers of life. We have made it our mission to spread awareness about issues concerning your health and well-being.


There are so many fad diets, products, fitness programs that claim to work and present shortcuts to achieving weight loss goals or promises it can cure illnesses or diseases, but it turns out it  can do more harm than good.


The Natural Way

We here at Gr8 Nutrition Info want things done the natural way. We believe in the power of Mother Nature.

Eating nutritious foods and doing things the natural way is  always better for everyone. We always recommend natural products, like cold pressed coconut oils. Natural and/or organic products have zero to very little additives. These additives we get from processed foods or products can be harmful to both humans and our surroundings.


But then, we also understand that there are so many products that claim to be organic, natural and nutritious. We make it our mission to let you know which is fake and which of those are natural and healthy. We will give you facts and reviews.


One of mother nature’s gifts we are in awe with is the coconut. Not just the drupe and the coconut based products, but the whole package. So far, all the products and byproducts from coconuts have had good reviews. Research from well-known laboratories and companies have been pointing out how amazing coconut is.


These prehistoric plants believed to have come from the South Pacific have been part of people’s daily diet. It was the sailors aboard Vasco de Gama’s ship that gave coconut its name.


Pure Coconut oil, one of the more products extracted from Coconuts, used to be criticized for the saturated fats that it contains, but further research have proved that wrong. In fact, coconut oil contains Median Chain Triglycerides which are easy to digest.


Coconuts are just one of the products we really love. Read more for more nutrition facts and products to review.


We are Gr8 Nutrition Info, and giving you facts is what we love to do.


We make it our mission to make sure you are well informed about foods and products that are good for your and the entire family. We want you to have the best, we want you to stay healthy by buying and taking foods that are good for you. There are many foods and products out there, just like cold pressed coconut oil.


We research and go out of our way to produce reviews about things that are good for you.


We value life. We give importance to health. That’s how we came together as a team.


Nowadays, people live a sedentary and sometimes unhealthy lifestyle. There are many illnesses and problems that arise because of this and we spend so much money for medications and research on its cure. But then, there are also cures and ways to prevent from illnesses. And the good thing is it comes from Mother Nature herself. We believe there are many ways to either prevent or cure diseases. Just by eating healthy foods, avoiding those ready to eat or processed variety, we can prevent illnesses and live a healthy life.


We came up with Gr8 Nutrition Info to give and share with you knowledge we have gathered about certain types of foods, products, even medications.